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Bird Dog iOS App Screenshot of Case List

Field reporting made simple.


- I N V E S T I G A T O R -

No more late nights re-typing notes and formatting photos. Simply log your case in Bird Dog.

One tap and Bird Dog generates your secure, professional field report in PDF.

Send it from your phone.

How it works
Your instant reports will look nice, too.
They're designed by investigators and customizable for your business.
Check out a sample report
Bird Dog helps field investigators do their jobs better.
Auto-logs locations,
times & photos
Bird Dog's Case Privacy Shield™ ensures your case data lives only on your phone (not in the cloud)
Polished reports designed
by investigators
Preferred Access
Bird Dog is proud to be an approved vendor for top investigator associations and communities. Contact or join your local groups to learn more.
Featured Partners
Top investigative firms rely on Bird Dog for instant, verified field reporting.
Simple Pricing
Bird Dog is all about keeping things simple.
$24.99 / month
$249.99 / annual
7 day free trial
Case Privacy Shield™
Unlimited cases
Unlimited reports
Instant report generation
Timestamped photos
Customized reports
Photos auto-format in report
Time / date auto-log in report
GPS auto-logs in report
Save 17%
In a data-driven world, field data goes largely uncollected.

Deploy Bird Dog's easy-to-use technology to streamline operations, protect employees, and counter fraud.

Let us develop a custom app for your business.
Bird Dog Corporate Solutions
Meet our team
We know first-hand the difficulty of executing field investigations and assembling reporting day-to-day.

We built Bird Dog to simplify field reporting.
Patrick Quish
Co-founder & CEO
Professional investigator with 15 years of experience managing and executing investigations around the world.

Member, Council of International Investigators.
Chris Gonzales
Co-founder & CTO
Software engineer who has built products for venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Specialist in iOS and Android solutions.
Mike Baker
Senior Advisor
Former CIA covert operations officer with 30 years experience in intelligence collection, investigations, and security management.

Chairman & CEO, Portman Square Group
Andrew Coumes
Senior Advisor
Expert in technological security solutions.
Retired NSA and Special Deputy US Marshall.

Founder & President, Oconus Security, LLC
Brett Mikkelson
Senior Advisor
Professional investigator with 30 years of field operations experience. Former US Army Military Intelligence.

Founder & CEO, B.M. Investigations, Inc.
Interested in Bird Dog for Android ?
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